How To Prepare Your Voice For Karaoke Singing?

Karaoke singing is as easy as eating a pie. You satisfy your hunger. However, competitive Karaoke singing requires a lot of deal more than just picking up the pie that meets your eye and consuming it. Karaoke for fun is just getting your bunch of pals together and singing along with your favourite tracks.

In competition, you have to be aware of the other participants, their abilities and their flaws. You will have to choose the song tracks that are apt for your abilities and strengths, and of course, how you perform on the stage of the competition, no matter how well you performed previously.

Some of the basics that you need to keep in mind while practising for Karaoke completions are listed below. Always keep in mind that the suggestions are no final check-list. You can always add on to the same and make your own roster of things that have to be done or things that have to avoid in order to draw up your own check-list.

Practice makes perfect

A cliché may seem to be, but the truth nonetheless. Practising your vocal cords can prep you for the high notes of some of the classic songs that you’ll come across in an actual competition. It will also help you choose how to sing a particular song or learn what the lyrics are. This is also how professional singers adapt themselves.

Choose the songs that appeal you

Sing the songs within your vocal range. Are you one who can hit high notes? You are aware of the pitches you can reach. Better yet, you can pick a few of your favourite songs or some of the go-to karaoke songs that you know well.

Breathing in, breathing out- It is the crux of the game

Like any professional singer, remember to breathe through your diaphragm. The voice-box is a complicated instrument and a lot of factors come into play when singing. Most of it, however, involves the breathing pattern adopted by you.

Drink a lot, but only water to stay hydrated.

Tone it down

Singing your heart out is not like screaming your lungs out. Some people try to hit higher notes but fail to realize how they damage their vocal cords. Belting out or rather screaming can cause local inflammation to the muscles around your vocal cords. Worst case scenario is that it can lead to long term damage.

Do keep in mind that your song is only yours till such time you perform the same to the best of your ability, putting both your heart and soul behind your performance, oblivious of the audience.

Go ahead and shine and the world will follow.

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