Top 9 Popular Hindi Duet Karaoke Songs

Whoever born in the 1900’s can ever forget the immemorial duet songs like

– Kasmey Waade Nibhayengey hum
– Jo Wada Kiya woh nibhana padega
– Lag ja galey
– Pyar deewana hota hai
– Yeh shaam mastani
– Oh merey dil ke chain

Unforgettable duet songs which can be ideally adapted and has been transformed into Hindi Karaoke Songs for the modern age to able to gauge the musical popularity of those artists, some of whom are still existing and at times performing. The above mentioned songs and countless others of this genre is a pirate’s treasure of gold, of a variety which can never be tarnished.

The importance of these gems can only be enhanced if they are emulated by contemporary artistes in honour of those who have left their indelible mark on the Indian music world. These songs may bring back comical images of the stars of the movie world cavorting around trees and fountains and other images of the make belief world, however their actual value lies in the music and art of the singers. The music will never fade, and keep the music lovers enthralled for ages to come.

Hindi karaoke Songs based on these unforgettable duets is providing the desired impetus to the budding artistes and provide the irrefutable nostalgia, much deservedly.

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