The history of karaoke

There has been a tendency of humans to sing along with the popular songs broadcast over the media like radio and later the television. This tendency does show the liking of a normal person to be part of the singing community, which led to the development of KARAOKE.
The end of the 1950s saw a popular American musician, singer, and producer of television shows devised a program called Sing along with Mitch. Mitch Miller’s popular show provided the lyrics of the song being sung by Mitch, on the television screen, and the audience sang along with him. This is widely believed to give birth to the phenomenon, now widely popularly known as, Karaoke.
In the early ’70s a Japanese musician and tinker, Daisuke Inoue, was said to have devised the Essential equipment required for Karaoke. The rapid spread of this concept, first across Japan and then abroad led to Inoue being named as the “Most Influential Asians of the Century” by Times Magazine, due to the widespread popularity of his idea, and adoption of the same worldwide.
Technical innovation and advancement have made this popular entertainment module to be brought into the homes of millions, Karaoke, which breaks down in the Japanese language as Empty Orchestra, music without the vocal content. The vocal content being the one performed by the local artiste and enthusiast reading the lyrics on the screen.

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