Top Reasons Why Karaoke is a Healthy Addiction

Karaoke and all things related to Karaoke has garnered a fan following that is unprecedented in recent history, as a form of entertainment that can be enjoyed both by the performer and the audience.

However, all things considered, Karaoke has risen above from being, just a source of entertainment to one of well being and healthy living.

Listing the benefits of singing, and in particular Karaoke, singing would definitely provide the following-

  • Singing is a form of Breathing exercise
  • Karaoke is an excellent form of Stress Reliever
  • Singing Boosts Self Esteem
  • Singing Builds Social Bonds
  • Singing controls Blood Pressure
  • Singing is a Natural Anti-Depressant
  • Singing helps maintain your skin quality
  • Karaoke singing Burns Calories

The list above is quite comprehensive but can be extended to suit various other environments which cannot be generalized. Without delving any further let us consider the most important aspects of the list.

Karaoke singing is an entertaining form of Stress relief. Singing, all by itself, allows you to be disassociated and a true singer will immerse oneself into the song and singing, to an extent that it is only the song and singing that exists at that particular moment of his or her performance, relieving all other stresses and stress-causing factors. At that particular moment, all that exists is the performer and the performance.

Building social bonds while Karaoke singing is a factor usually ignored but one that is highly appropriate to list on the very top of this list. Karaoke singing in a socially congenial atmosphere breaks down the barriers that exist in the normal life and helps create bonds that are mutually beneficial to the partners in the situation where both mutual admiration and competition exist, but to strengthen the bonds.

Every newcomer to this invigorating, entertaining and bonding, all rolled in one environment should give it a try for a healthy spin to life.

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