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Our expert musician will compose the tune/Melody (dhun) of the song for you based on the lyrics you provide.

 What we will need from you:

 ·       Complete lyrics of the song.

 ·       Genre (The type or basic categorization of a song based on the mood, style and type of instruments used) – Western, Classical, Ghazal, Sufi, Children Song, Love Song, Album, Bhajan, Patriotic, Dance no., Item no., Wedding song etc

 ·       Purpose - Stage show, Album, Film, Radio, Serial, Marriage, Festival, Party, Other. (The nature of the composition greatly depends on the use of the song, hence this detail is absolutely necessary)

 NOTE – For shooting purpose the scene should be specified.

 ·       Mood/Tempo/Feel

 ·       Scale

 ·       Duet/Solo – If solo then male/female.


 ·       Chorus (if required).

 ·       Meter

 NOTE – Specification of meter is very important; otherwise we will expect you to accept the composition the way it has been created. Modification of the meter of the composition would be chargeable. For more details refer to pricing.

 What we will deliver:

 ·       A tune in Piano or Flute (based on customer preference), played on a metronome or simple beat

 ·       No prelude, interlude or ending, just the melody of the song based on the lyrics provided.

 ·       Only 1 modification free strictly based on customer feedback and suggestions.

 Example – Higher or lower scale, or minor modifications in melody.


 ·       Cost of a standard song composition - $99.99

 ·       Extra modifications after the first (per modification) - $19.99

 ·       Charge of changing meter - $79.99


 ·       Maximum details required so that customer satisfaction is achieved at once. (The more details you give the easier it will be for our composer)

 ·       The composition will be delivered in 7 days.