Latest Regional Custom Karaoke (MP3)

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All the Regional Language Movie Songs released within the past 3 months from the date of order would be accepted in this category.

We can deliver you the track in either MP3 or Wave (Uncompressed) Format.

You will have to mail us the original MP3 track (please include full details like name of singer and movie/album, alongwith the track)

We will make each karaoke track for you in 5-7 working days. If you are in a hurry and need your tracks earlier please contact us

Any Latest Regional Custom Karaoke ordered on Saturday or Sunday will be put under process only on Monday Morning.


  1. The rate for a Latest Regional Custom Karaoke is for a standard song with normal duration (4- 6 minutes). If the length of the song is too high or the song is too complicated, we will be charging more for the track. Once you place your order and send us the original mp3, we will review the song and in case of the above mentioned circumstances, we will inform you about the revised rate for making the track. If you agree to the price mentioned we will go ahead with the order, else refund the original amount paid by you.
  2. These charges are for one Latest Regional Custom Karaoke track.
  3. This song will be delivered through an email or a link will be added to your order.
  4. The Custom track will be added to our library and will be available to our other customers after 7 days of its delivery. If you require an Exclusive Custom Track, the charges will be different.
  5. We do not deliver any kind of CD or DVD unless asked for and the shipping charges will be extra.
  6. The policy of keeping a custom track from being uploaded for 15 days from the date of delivery does not apply on this category. The tracks made under this category will be uploaded immediately after they are made.

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