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7 Khoon Maaf

7 Khoon Maaf unfolds through the point of view of Arun Kumar (Vivaan Shah), a servant boy in Susanna’s father’s house. Young Arun is in awe of, and love with, Susanna, whom he worships for getting him admitted in school and changing his life forever.

Apart from Arun, Susanna has a brigade of faithful servants, a butler and Maggie Aunty, who are also her partners in crime.
Major Edwin Rodrigues (Neil) is Susanna’s first husband and casualty, one-legged, arrogant, and a doubting Thomas.

Rodrigues is followed by junkie rock star Jimmy (John), masochistic poet Wasiullah ‘Musafir’ Khan (Khan), Russian double agent Nikolai Vronsky, opportunist Viagra-popping Inspector Kimatlal (Kapoor) and, finally, the bankrupt naturist Dr Madhosudhan Tarafdar (Naseeruddin Shah).